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Aluminum Nozzle for WE Scar

Constructed with high quality 6061 aluminum. Re-designed one piece design. Allowing higher power gas can be used. More durable and stable shooting power. It is in a fixed power design, which shoot in more stable and consistent power.  Available in 2 power version.  

DP-WE-SCAR-1 --- Low power: 1J

DP-WE-SCAR-2 --- High power: 1.3J

Package come with 2 o-rings and screws. (Nozzle valve is not included)

(tested under 25°C with WE Scar L  with top gas) 

Actual power may differ as the condition of each airsoft gun may vary.




Apply screw glue to the 2 screws at the back of the nozzle.