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It is cool to have a compensator installed on G17/G18C. Now getting your G17/G18C a compensator can be a little easier. This slide compensator set allow to install on the gun without a threaded barrel. Usually adding a comp on an airsoft G17/G18c will make the weight balance move forward to the front and will cause jamming. The slide comp will not interference the barrel action as it is attached to the slide. Lightweight design and CNC from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, so it won’t slow down the recoil action. Spring plug and guide rod are strengthened to use a higher grade 7075 aluminum. 


Available in Black, Silver, Gold color.

**Gold ver: Spring plug and guide rod color are random (silver / Black)

Package Include:


- Slide Comp x 1

- M3 x 4 set screw x 5

- M2 x 8 plastic set screw x 4 (2pc is spare)

- Spring plug x 1

- Guide rod x 1



1. Disasemmble the slide, and remove the original guide rod and recoil spring. 


2. Install the recoil spring to the Slide Comp's guide rod and spring plug, Then install to the gun. 

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3. Insert the Slide comp to the spring plug. 

4. Tighten the set screws, (Make sure to tighten them all and keep the slide comp balance.)

5. Use flathead (1.4mm) screwdriver to tighten the set screws. They are used to hold the position of the slide comp.  ** Not do tighten too hard, or the screws will broken. There are 2 spare M2x8 set screw included. 

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6. Check the slide movement whether it run smooth. 

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